Final Examination

The final examination at the end of the first cycle will consist of an oral examination known as the comprehensive. This examination will cover all the main philosophical subjects taught during the three year period.

The comprehensive oral examination is held on the basis of a list of themes covering the fundamental philosophical disciplines taught during the triennium. It is held before a board of three examiners and lasts at least 30 minutes. The student is assigned a theme chosen beforehand by lot from the list of themes. Any request by the student for a change of theme will result in a loss of 20% of the marks obtained. He/she is given 30 minutes to prepare for the exposition of the theme, and 10 minutes to expose the theme. In the remaining 20 minutes, he/she is questioned by each of the three examiners.

A student may appear for the comprehensive oral examination only after he/she has passed in all the disciplines, obligatory, supplementary and additional, and has submitted the dissertation.

Students who fail the comprehensive oral examination are to repeat the same. The repetition will be held in the following academic year at the earliest with the explicit and exclusive permission of the Principal.

Coefficient of Evaluation

The final mark of the first cycle will be calculated as follows: the average marks of the examinations given will have a coefficient 4, while the mark of the comprehensive examination will have a coefficient 1.