Examination / Marksheets / Certificates


Examinations will normally be held for every course taught in Divyadaan. Ordinarily examinations are held in the middle and at the end of each semester. If circumstances require and at the discretion of the Principal, examinations may also take place at the end of a course.

Examinations may be oral and/or written, with a certain percentage of the marks allotted to written assignments or internal assessments. For any change in the examination program the permission of the Principal is necessary.

Students who fail in an examination are to repeat the same. The repetition will be held not earlier than a fortnight and not later than a month after the examination has taken place. No student will be allowed to repeat an examination if he has passed with low marks in a subject. Marks obtained in the second attempt will be indicated as such in the record of marks. If a student fails in more than two subjects in the second attempt, then he will be awarded a Diploma instead of the Degree Certificate.

 The General Gradation of Marks is as follows:

Passing mark                 : 40%

Pass Class (Satisfactory)   : 40% – 49%      PROBATUS

III Class (Fair)                      : 50% – 59%       BENE PROBATUS

II Class (Good)              : 60% – 69%       CUM LAUDE

I Class (Very Good)     : 70% – 79%       MAGNA CUM LAUDE

Distinction (Excellent)      : 80% & above   SUMMA CUM LAUDE

Mark sheets and Certificates

 Certificates are conferred by Salesian Pontifical University, Rome and mark sheets are awarded by Divyadaan: Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik. Mark sheets and certificates are sent to the respective provinces or dioceses after the completion of the course.

In case of loss of mark sheets, an application should be made to the Principal, and an amount of Rs. 500/- should be sent by M.O. or D.D. made in the name of ‘DIVYADAAN‘ to the Registrar/Principal.