Guidelines for the Dissertation

1. The last date for selection and approval of the theme and handing in the dissertation is fixed in the calendar.

2. Length of the dissertation: a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 28 pages (size A4 paper; 1.5 spacing).

3. The paper should be typed on computer. A copy should be presented to the guide for a written evaluation; this copy will be filed in the Principal’s office.

4. The date of approval of bibliography and scheme is to be fixed with the guide.

5. The student will be evaluated not only on the merit of his final paper, but on his methodology, the regularity of his work, discussions with his guide, etc.

6. Each day’s delay in submitting the dissertation will mean a loss of 25% of the marks. Consequently, the dissertation will not be accepted on the fourth day after the last date for submission.

7. If a student has a valid reason for submitting the dissertation later than the stipulated date, he should have an understanding with the Principal, prior to the last date for submission.

8. Absolute integrity is expected of the students in writing their dissertations. Students, if found guilty of plagiarism, will be asked by the Principal to write a new dissertation with “another theme”. This applies to other written assignments as well.