Second Cycle


The M.Ph. Degree Course
The second cycle aims at deepening philosophical reflection and research in the systematic and historical aspects, and offers the possibility of specialization in the areas of education and communication.
The second cycle covers a period of four semesters, at the end of which a Master’s degree in philosophy (M.Ph.) may be conferred.
Since the aim of this cycle is a deepening of research and initiation to specialization, ample space must be left to study and personal research. Besides personal reading and active participation in various seminars therefore, the student will work under the guidance of a teacher of the Institute to produce a scientific work which will demonstrate his mastery over the methods of philosophical research, either in the historical, speculative or practical fields.
This course also aims at preparing professors for seminaries and studentates and resource persons for philosophy, education and social communication at the diocesan/ provincial level. With the aim of deepening the philosophical formation, with special emphasis to the areas of education and communication, the studies of the second cycle (cf. St 29), will be arranged so as to ensure:

1. a deepening of systematic philosophy and history of philosophy covering a minimum of 50 ECTS, of which at least 30 ECTS must be in the area of the systematic disciplines, and at least 20 ECTS in the area of historical disciplines;
2. a set of courses, aimed at a specialization either in education or in communication, and covering at least 25 ECTS, of which a maximum of 20 ECTS may be in the chosen area of specialization and at least 5 ECTS in the other area;
3. three seminars, covering a minimum of 15 ECTS, of which at least one will be in the area of specialization;
4. critical reading of philosophical works;
5. a dissertation (with a value of 20 ECTS) written normally under the guidance of a teacher of the Institute; the title and moderator must be approved by the Academic Council.
6. a comprehensive oral examination (with a value of 10 ECTS).